A semi-hardcore raiding guild, bursting with personality.
Based on Frostmourne (US).
Apply now
Thanks for your interest in joining Knights of Frostmourne!

What's your character name(s)?

What's your Battle.net tag so we can get in touch?

{{answer_35474000}}, nice! What's your main specialisation?

Have a raid ready alternative specialisation or class?

Let us know name, class & specialisation of any and all alts you have that are relevant. Alternatively if you have been considering switching to a new main and haven't levelled it yet, etc.
Can you:
- Make our raid times
- Let someone know when you can't make it to a raid
- Have Discord downloaded on your phone
- Always have consumables prepared

7:30pm - 11:00pm (Sever time) - Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday, incase you haven't already researched that. If you are answering no, then it's probably best we stop the application process here :)
In an OCEAN of guilds in Australia, why have you chosen to apply to the Knights of Frostmourne?

Because this is early in the application process I'm going to give you a hint. Don't fucking say "your progress is good" or "I like your raid times" show us you've done your research and want to become part of the family.
Ok {{answer_35472930}}, on a scale of 1 - 5 (5 being the best) how good are you?

Think about your raiding experience and how you believe you shape up against the best players globally.

Why haven't you given yourself a 5?

We really want you to expand here. Being somebody that is able to be open about their abilities, know their weak points, and look to grow is important to us!
What guild are you coming from, and what is the reason for leaving?

Please be detailed and honest with your response.
Flick us a link to your current Raiding UI.

Upload to imgur and provide a link to the image below.
While you're at it, chuck us a link to your most recent logs.

Just a URL will suffice, I mean we'll probably search anyway but some logs are private.
Time for something more personal, how old are you?

What is your greatest gaming achievement to date?

This could be anything, in any game, we don't care what the achievement is, we just want to know more about your aspirations and what you consider to be a 'great achievement.'
Help us Break the ice {{answer_35472930}}, tell us something interesting about yourself!

Anything will do! Crazy life experience, favourite video game moment, maybe you can sing the National Anthem backwards? We probably pay the MOST attention to THIS answer, so don't brush over it with something boring..Tell us!
All done! Thanks {{answer_35472930}} , for showing your interest. We will try to reach out to you in game if we've got more questions. One last thing, where did you hear about us?

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